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    We strive to be do our best in everyday life. This means we should strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. 

    Look for these notes in the description of our products to see how we hand pick our garments to ensure they are not just high quality, but also sustainable. 

    "Bottle Killer" - This garment is made of recycled plastic bottle. In most cases, almost 3 bottles were used to manufacture the garment. 70% of the fabric is recycled, including the bottles. 

    "Earth First" - This garment is made in factories that use up to 7 times less water then traditional factories, use solar energy for day to day operations, and has virtually zero waste.

    "Genuine Responsibility" - This garment is made by a company that supports the Genuine Responsibility. This is a social, environment and governance program that is committed to industry-leading working conditions, developing and implementing sustainable innovative solutions, and contributing to their communities with a positive impact. 

    "100% Recycled" - This garment is made from 100% recycled materials. 

    "WRAP" - This garment is manufactured in a Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified factory. Which means that it is free of forced labor, child labor, harassment, and abuse. It also has to meet laws for compensation, benefits, limited work hours, health, safety, and security. 

    "USA Grown" - The cotton in the garment was grown here in the USA. 

    "People First" - This garment is made by a company that is ethical in its operations. This means that they have employment relationships, safety in mind, and fair compensation. They are anti harassment, child and forced labor. 

    Please download the app or create a SHOP account. When checking out though our website, you can use your account for a simpler checkout. The added bonus is that if you checkout though SHOP, they will offset the emissions used when delivering your order. This is done typically by planting trees. At the moment, they have planted over 15 million trees.