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    Welcome to our sponsored athletes and teams page.

    This page is dedicated to the people who we have chosen to sponsor. OVRCM (overcome) is a brand, but it stands for so much more. Everyday we are faced with challenges and adversity. Some are greater than others, depending on the day. All our athletes and teams have made the choice to OVRCM their obstacles and challenges, both physically and mentally. Read their stories to see how. 


    I've been dealing with obstacles, like many, all of my life, both mentally and physically. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 3. That lead to me seeing many doctors, specialists and physical therapists for most of my childhood. From the time I was in kindergarten to grade 10, almost everyday I was called a gimp, retard, a mistake and many more things. I was always the skinny small kid who would never compare to "normal" people, especially when it came to sports or physical activity. When I graduated in 2012 I was 120 lbs, after going through a breakup I was quite saddened to be told that she only "gave me a chance" because she felt sorry for me. This motivated me to make a change and to stop feeling bad for myself, to shed this "poor me" attitude. I fell in love with the gym regardless of what my doctors had told me. One thing the doctors always said that stuck with me was that "if you want to compete in sports or physical activity you'll have to try way harder to just be average." I often reflect to myself and ask why can't I be normal? What is actually stopping me from achieving my goals other than myself? After years of trial and error I have learned to mitigate my issues physically and pursue what sets my soul on fire. For anyone with or without metal or physical ailments my best advice is to go out and work for what you want out of life physical or not. We give up on ourselves before we even try. This brand to me means so much more than just cool designs and popularity. This brand reinforces something that I try to encourage everyone to OVERCOME their issues in life and give themselves a chance. My name is Joel Setoguchi and I strive to OVRCM.